The Creative Thinking Academy is an online platform everything has to do about creativity and creative thinking in an accessible way. To learn, grow and share what is the best way for the participants and students by following the blogs, training and courses. The way of creative thinking should be very approachable. We think initiate creativity should be for everyone.

Knowledge base

On this page you can find everything about creative thinking, design thinking, creativity, inspiration etc. Information bank of different topics to read about. It is free of use.

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Training & Courses

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More courses about creativity

Creativity is so much more than just creative thinking. We've more courses of different other topics: design thinking, graphic design, software use etc.

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"Creativity should be for everyone. Thanks to the Creative Thinking Academy"


When you follow our training & courses you learn different things about creative thinking and the creative process. If necessary we've additional information and courses to learn more about creative work itself such as graphic design etc.

You are able to analyse the problem in a fast way

What is actually the challenge what are the problems. How to solve those problem?

Create your own briefings

Create your own briefings to solve the problems and make it easier to create your own message and creative concepts

Create a clear message and concept

Think about the right message and from there to create your (creative) concept

Think ideas fast, effectively, innovative, out-of-the-box and creative

Without any ideas its hard, without any good ideas its even harder. Different approaches of creating ideas and have inspiration is a key-factor

How to apply those creative ideas to your challenge and problem

Solve the problem without losing your creativity

Different ways of a creative process and see how it fit to your needs

Different problems, challenges and people requires different approaches. Find out which way is the best way do some creative thinking.


The Creative Thinking Academy is founded by Budi Loonen and Art Director working in the advertising industry for 10 years. Working for several big international brands and award winning campaigns. He uses his extended experience not only in advertising agencies but also abroad. From December 2014 he travel the world to explore, travel, blog but most of all share his knowledge about creativity.


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