Creative thinking is not only for creatives

As Art Director over the years at several advertising agencies and experiences around the world I can say creative thinking is not only for creatives in de creative industry but for people with creative thoughts. And creative thoughts everybody have. When you are a child or a baby your mind will be feed with a lot of impulses. The brain is looking for a way how use your arms, legs, eyes etc. How I use a toy should I put it in my mouth or should I play with it?

Feel like child

The older you are your mind get more trained into doing things, it becomes more natural. Like eating and walking. That is way they haven’t spoiled yet or learned yet how to solve certain problems.¬†Children are very open minded if you see them at elementary and primary school if they looking and exploring their abilities. But also very creative during the process. They solve things in a not adult or mature way. When we get older more thing you learn and sometimes I’ve the feeling if somebody want do some creative thinking they get back to their childhood. How unspoilt they were. Thinking without any limitations not boundaries for any assignments.

That is exactly what I want to achieve. Not to think like a child but have the feeling to think without limitations so called out-of-the-box thinking, creative thinking or design thinking. It doesn’t really matter how to call it. Bottom line is to feel free when you get into the creative process.

Creative thinking is not only for creatives

Most people think creative thinking is more for the fancy creative people in the creative industry. It is such high-brow. Or big companies hire the right people doing their creative process or thinking for them. And yes it has some negative tone with it. Especially when you think of the series of MadMen (great show by the way) but its not of these days while the world is more transparent. Creative thinking is actually not hard at all. With the right guidance it is very easy.

The creative process can be used for several things at home, at work, everywhere. For every problem there can be creative solutions. And yes it is not only for creative work such as graphic design or digital advertising campaign. It can be used for other problems and challenges. The problem it’s for people very hard to come with a solution what fit. Hours of debating and discuss the solutions. It can be more effective and quicker. I taught children from a very young age and ask them to give some solution to some problems. A topic what’s more fit for mature people. The way children look at problems is such a difference adults do. It is almost they do it automatically. Of course half those ideas and concepts is to expensive or it fails in the execution. But that’s not the point. It proves anyone can do it as long if you are trained into do it.


How? Check our knowlegde bank for more information. Or take a stap further to follow our online training and courses. Because at The Creative Thinking Academy we think everybody can be a creative thinker as long if you know how and what to do. From grandmothers to teenagers and everything in between our courses are very accessible and down to earth. Within a few courses you are able to analyse the problem and focus more directly on the challenge itself.

Creative thinking is not only for creatives
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