About The CT Academy


The Creative Thinking Academy is an online platform everything has to do about creativity and creative thinking in an accessible way. To learn, grow and share what is the best way for the participants and students by following the blogs, training and courses.  The way of creative thinking should be very approachable. We think initiate creativity should be for everyone.


Creative thinking, creative concepts and design thinking should be accessible for everyone because it helps people thinking in an other way and have a different approach to certain topics. Even for non-creative people.

Ready for Advanced Creative Thinking the easy way, this is the place!

If you have ever a desire do something creative and want to push yourself for maximum result. You are at the right place. Check our knowledge bank, information everything about art, design, creativity and creative thinking. Or take a look in our online courses and training. Even he gives workshops and training abroad on location.

Online? is Offline also possible?

Online courses and training are very easy in use to train yourself. Everything is DIY based with personal support. If you want an offline meeting, training and workshop that’s also possible, send an e-mail for more information and we reply as soon as possible.


The Creative Thinking Academy is founded by Budi Loonen and Art Director working in the advertising industry for 10 years. Working for several big international brands and award winning campaigns. He uses his extended experience not only in advertising agencies but also abroad. From December 2014 he travel the world to explore, travel, blog but most of all share his knowledge about creativity. Worked for several agencies around the globe and did some teaching in China for Chinese art, design and advertising students at two arts academies: Modern International Arts & Design Academy and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Occasionally he’s also a speaker to inspire people about creativity and creative thinking.

Creativity and (advanced) creative thinking should be for everyone. Even for people outside the creative industry. With the right training and guidance thinking in creative concepts is very easy. 

Creating for you

That is possible as well. I’m not only giving training, courses or tips. But as The Creative Globetrotter I’m traveling the world to share my creativity with others and create awesome work or do some innovative problem solving. Check here for more information.

Experience training, courses and presentations

TEDx talk training and presentations
IFHOHYP Studysession Budapest in collaboration with the European Counsil (2017)
TEDx Talk Possibilities of Disabilities 

TEDx Chongqing (2016)
Lecture for Chongqing creative people
Yunma Design (2016)
Workshop advanced creative thinking
Sichan Fine Arts Institute China (2016)
Teacher at Modern International Arts & Design Academy
Chongqing China (2016)
Presentation The Creative Globetrotter
100% slechthorend – Netherlands (2015)
The Creative Globetrotter
traveling the world and visiting ad agencies & creatives (since January 2015)
Presentation empower yourself
SWDA Amsterdam – Netherlands (2014)
Volleybal Exchangeship Hard of Hearing people
Berlin & Arnhem (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)
Presentation Hard of Hearing exchangeship
Erfurt, Germany (2014)
Organizing International Summercamp for Hard of hearing people
Bad Tölz, Germany (2013)
Design commission Hard of Hearing Summercamp
Borken, Germany (2012)
IFHOHYP Annual general meeting observer
Belgrade, Serbia (2011)

2016 TEDx Chongqing – Possibilities of Disabilities
2015 Liebster Award Nominee – Best new Travel blog
2014 TopGear Magazine Award – September – Bentley Continental GT3-R
2014 TopGear Magazine Award – Lamborghini advert
2013 Best Practice Porsche Award – Lang zal hij leven 50 jaar 911
2012 Best Practice Porsche Award – Porsche Winterinspectie
2006 Design against Fur International: Special commendations
2006 Design against Fur Netherlands: Best Three

Experience creative industry

Check my CV at linkedin.